03 03 task2

Friday, March 23, GSSK - Task 2 After a nice start of the competition mother nature decided to blow and rain for three days in a row. Time was spent hanging out, attending talks and playing tourists. However, expert pilots say that day is almost always better than it looks.

03 03 task2

Đề thi IELTS: IELTS Writing Task 2 - Band 9: Pros and COns of Technology.

In many countries where capital punishment has been abolished there has been a corresponding rise in violent crime rates. For this reason, many governments are considering its reintroduction as a form of deterrent. Should Capital Punishment be re-introduced? Television is a very powerful medium of influence over large populations.

There are many positive aspects to television. For example, it is an educational tool. However many people feel that it is doing irreparable harm. Present argumentation to highlight your opinion on this matter. Outdoor recreation such as mountain climbing, camping and hiking bring us closer to nature and are ideal activities to encourage family bonding.

The younger generation is up-to-date with new techniques and advances in Science. They are often better able to make important decisions than their parents are. Over the past twenty to thirty years there has been a noticeable trend away from many forms of discipline within the family.

A recent survey highlighted the fact that most people feel that parents are too permissive with their children.

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As a result of countries becoming more and more industrialized, pollution has become a serious problem. Discuss some ways that this children.

03 03 task2

Overpopulation if unchecked will bring about the destruction of this planet. Discuss ways of controlling this problem.

Many are of the opinion that the Internet is inundating our children with dangerous information. There is however no doubt that the Internet represents great advances in communication and the dissemination of information. Discuss the pros and cons of the Internet.

Salaries paid to employees are an accurate reflection of their value to society. In approaching this task, consider in particular salaries paid to nurses, doctors, sports-persons, movie stars, teachers and farmers.

Although there is no longer an immediate threat of nuclear war, peace seems as elusive as ever.

GSSK - Task 2 After a nice start of the competition mother nature decided to blow and rain for three days in a row. Time was spent hanging out, attending talks and playing tourists. Aug 03 IELTS Writing Task 2? Topic: Many people believe that entrepreneurship should be taught to young people from an early age, while others think that is not recommended. [IELTS WRITING] – TASK 2 – DỰ ĐOÁN Dưới đây là list các đề thi Writing có khả năng cao sẽ ra vào đầu năm 1. Life of the elderly in modern world is much easier than in the past. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion. 2.

In order to address this problem, the United Nations should be given a stronger role in global affairs in order to bring about world peace. Good health is a basic human right, however in a growing number of countries today, access to health care depends on socio-economic status.

This is discriminatory and should not be the basis for access to good health care. Spending money on scientific research should only be approved when there are economic benefits resulting from the research. Women have been disadvantaged in the workplace for decades and so they should now receive special assistance in the form of education and incentives, etc.

Many conservative governments are strongly opposed to this mechanism for bringing about change. Discuss the pros and cons of this action in resolving disputes.

This has led to a desire amongst students to undertake study in foreign countries. Write a brief account of the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

Since reading is important for a good education we should encourage our children to read extensively. However as there is an abundance of undesirable reading matter, there should be heavy censorship to restrict access to it.

03 03 task2

Since private enterprise benefits from a country's resources both natural and human it should be made accountable for maintenance of environmental and social infrastructures.

Pollution is a very serious problem today. What level of pollution should we tolerate? Discuss examples of the different types of pollution. What are the effects of global warming?

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IELTS Academic Writing - Task 2 Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past 30 years that many cities in the world are now ‘one big traffic jam’. How true do you think this statement is?

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