A comparison between tv shows and real life events

More Articles May 07, TV shows typically depict a fictional world, but sometimes, they have to make last-minute changes when real life interferes. While the producers could be making a creative decision, oftentimes, those changes are due to non-fictional reasons.

A comparison between tv shows and real life events

Henry II never had an affair with any of Mary's Ladies in waiting. In InquisitionQueen Catherine is accused of committing adultery and having a child as a result. Historically Catherine never had an affair, due to the fact that she loved Henry, and for Queens adultery was a form of high treason, and punishable by death.

By all historical accounts, Francis II was abnormally short and stuttered.

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Francis was thought of having suffered of cryptorchidism. Historically, Charles became engaged to and eventually married Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria. Mary Stuartwas never sent to live in a convent in France, nor did she meet Francis IIfor the first time in Mary was sent to be raised in the French Court at age five: Francis died just two years and 8 months after their wedding in Elisabeth's wedding is moved up by 2 years.

A comparison between tv shows and real life events

In the show it's when she marries Philip of Spainbut historically she marries him by proxy June 22, InPhilip was still married to Mary Tudor. By this note, Henry would have died during the wedding celebrations.

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During a jousting competition on June 30,he rode against Gabriel Montgomery twice, and the second time his lance went through Henry's face shield with splinters going into his eyes and his brain.

Henry died from septicemia caused by his injuries on July 10, After Francis died, Mary had two more husbands: Although Mary had no children with Francis, she had 1 son by her second husband: There was a brief time, shortly after Henry II's death, when Mary thought she was pregnant by Francis, but later realized she wasn't.

Despite Henry's love for Diane, he did trust Catherine enough to leave her nominal Regent of the kingdom several times whilst he went on campaigns. In the showCatherine murdered Diane de Poitiers for killing her infant twin daughters.

Historically this is not true: It is thought that she died by accidental, unintentional poisoning because she regularly ingested drinkable gold- which she thought would preserve her youth. Historically while Catherine and Henry did have twin daughters: They died in very early infancy, Joanna in utero, and Victoria 7 weeks after she was born.

There were no more children after them.

A comparison between tv shows and real life events

In the showKing Francis dies after suffering head trauma while saving Mary from a gang of assassins. Historically, Francis died on December 5, at the age of only 16 after being on the throne for only 17 months.

The Ingalls Family – The book family vs. the real family

His cause of death was complications from an ear infection that included an abscess which exacerbated his condition. After the funeral at French Court, Francis' coffin is taken away to be buried. Historically, Francis' resting place is the Basilica of St.

Deniswhere his parents and several siblings rest also.Comparison and contrast of two telivision shows Essay Sample. The whole doc is available only for registered users OPEN DOC. Comparison and contrast of two telivision shows Essay Sample. it is easy to relate what one sees in the show to aspects of real life.

However, it is not often that one can associate what appears in the NYPD Blue. In Reign, there are many historical differences, about people and time periods Differences: Historically, Henry and Catherine had 10 children together in the span of 12 years.

In the TV series they had 9., In the show, Francis had 2 half-siblings, Clarissa and Sebastian, and 8 more siblings from. The Handmaid’s Tale is returning to our screens for a second season very soon.

But, if you thought the award-winning show was fictional, think again The Handmaid’s Tale first roared onto UK. Reality TV vs. Real Life TV So the question is ‘Do we really need another reality TV show or perhaps it’s time for a reality check?’ “Reality television is a genre of television programming which generally is unscripted, documenting actual events over fiction and featuring ‘ordinary’ people over professional actors.”.


Comparison and contrast of two telivision shows Essay Sample

About The Ingalls Family. May 20, by Sarah S Melissa Gilbert’s Laura is still a key character. She has a much more adventurous life than either real life or book Laura.

In the TV show Laura is kidnapped, travels to see the Pacific Ocean, is trapped in an abandoned cabin during a blizzard, thinks she’s discovered a gold mine, pushes. Every year, some clickbait-chasing doofus questions whether TV or film is the superior medium, ignoring that theyre entirely different from each other.

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A comparison between tv shows and real life events