A description of the narcissistic condition emanates from a seismic break of trust

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A description of the narcissistic condition emanates from a seismic break of trust

December 10, Comments from the Edge: I never hear from self-identified narcissists, sociopaths and histrionics, well, until recently. What if an abusive man found your articles and used them to abuse his wife?

Why do you only focus on male victims?! By the way, that was a rhetorical question. For those individuals who have been diagnosed with BPD and have made the commitment to enter and stay in treatment, I truly wish you the best.

It is difficult and painful work with arguable rates of success. Please keep working at it. What I also do not do is sugarcoat the fact the realities and likely outcomes of treating BPD.

Nor do I tell men and women involved with BPDs to be patient, hang in there and hope for the best while they are actively being abused by their BPD partners. Just because a person with BPD enters treatment does not mean it will be effective.

It could take years to see improvement, that is, if there is any improvement at all. Meanwhile, the partners and children of these individuals continue to suffer.

They then go on to tell me how much pain they are in and that is why they hurt others as if this somehow makes their behavior okay. Oftentimes, individuals with this condition are remorseful when they experience natural consequences for their behavior rather than being remorseful for having hurt others — typically when their partner is at the end of his or her rope and wants out.

Name-calling and unintelligible gibberish. I suspect the excessive emotionality, name-calling, lack of empathy, blaming and shaming in these comments will be very familiar to many of you. She has a right to express herself! People with BPD are seriously mentally ill and need serious help.

I have had it all my life and before diagnosed went through very violent outbursts in which after I admitted to at a police station as the guilt ads to the hate and disgust people with BPD already feel.

Violence is unavoidable with a bpd sufferer but once it gets dangerous the police should be called and this I completely agree with. My interpretations are speculative, of course, as I have no interest in contacting Jen for subsequent commentary.

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In fact, this seems to be the norm and not the exception. The higher the degree of narcissism in the BPD, the worse they are and the more untreatable they are. In my experience, this is very common. If you cross my path when I am angry, scared, anxious or feeling rejected, abandoned or inferior, I will take my anger, etc.

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I have observed many people with BPD. It is good that she tries to remove herself from these situations, but she still blames others for her behavior, which is not good.

There are at least two more options. Better be careful with that paintbrush, Jen! Unfortunately, the problem with calling the police on a violent BPD female is that it is often the non-disordered male who gets led away in handcuffs because the BPD turns on the waterworks when the police arrive.

Therefore, if you are with someone like Jen, please follow the ABR rule — Always Be Recording — so the police can arrest the right person. In theory, people with BPD should be honest about their condition and warn others away, but many are undiagnosed and both diagnosed and undiagnosed BPDs are too self-serving to be truly honest — even with themselves.

We need love, too! The same is rarely true of women who cannot or will not control themselves. Please note, Jen does not say she abstains from intimate relationships.

She claims she gives potential romantic partners fair warning. They rage at and blame the mirror for the ugliness and damage they perpetrate. This is a very common strawman argument. BPD is not like any of these ailments.

I feel guilty after violent outbursts that caused me to be arrested, and feeling guilty about my shitty, violent behavior makes me feel even worse! One member had this to add:Our God is an Awesome God. This is an amazing video! What others are saying" and Amen! What an awesome GOD we serve.

This is one of the most amazing videos I've watched in a long time. Read an Excerpt. Chapter One: The Path to LifeCycle Liberation. We are at the dawn of a LifeCycle revolution. Spurred by the convergence of a number of powerful cultural, technological, and demographic forces, the way we live, work, and buy is beginning to change radically.

During the last 48 hours, we’ve been witness (again) to the theatrics of a malignant narcissistic personality disordered person’s response to the perception of loss of power and importance — a chink in the armor of grandiosity and a deplorable display of petulance.

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What is pride, the subtle yet powerful influence that most commentators believe is the father of all other sins? Hebrew, Greek, and English share the sense of the word's basic meaning: to be lifted up; to have an undue sense of one's importance or superiority.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a rare condition that can only be diagnosed by a registered psychologist. For this reason, when I refer to narcissism or narcissists I am largely referring to people who display a high amount and degree of narcissistic traits.

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A description of the narcissistic condition emanates from a seismic break of trust
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