A personal ranting on abortion

I hate my life and feel hopeless I am 30 now but still living with my parents. I have never felt fully happy because even as a child I was semi-conscious of the fact that my parents were dealing with heavy things. I feel that I have made a complete botch job of my life.

A personal ranting on abortion

Stem-Cell Wars Aren't Over: It has just now been published online. I had no idea that the Center for Medical Progress was about to drop the bomb on Planned Parenthood and their participation in the market for aborted baby parts.

In case you were wondering what some companies use aborted baby parts for, read my latest at the National Catholic Register: These human embryos, conceived in a lab by the hundreds of thousands, are only days old but hold inside a mass of stem cells that scientists told us held the key to regenerative medicine.

In the great stem-cells wars, we learned that embryonic stem cells are immature and unwieldy, causing tumors in animal models.


Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are more stable — and therefore safer for treating patients. As the years have passed, we have heard more and more about adult stem-cell successes and less and less about the failure of embryonic stem cells to become the cure-all many promised.

But the stem-cell wars are far from over. There is a third designation of stem cells that is little known but is gaining momentum: Human beings are called embryos for the first eight weeks after fertilization.

After that, we enter the fetal stage, which is from nine weeks post-fertilization until birth. Fetal stem cells are stem cells harvested during the fetal stage of development. Hockey legend Gordie Howe was in the headlines this year for his remarkable recovery from a stroke after a stem-cell treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

Pro-life news feeds lit up with the news.

A personal ranting on abortion

But enterprising USA Today sports reporter Brent Schrotenboer revealed last month that the treatment Howe and Brodie received from Stemedica Cell Technologies included stem cells derived from an aborted fetus.Two psychotherapists present a supportive guide to coping with the emotional and psychological aftermath of abortion, offering a step-by-step program that combines information, reassurance, and guidance to help women begin the process of recovery.

Jul 16,  · The thing is, abortion is murder; no matter how far along you are. No matter the situation, give the child a life and a loving family, through adoption.

A personal ranting on abortion

when you get an abortion, you don't give the child a choice in living. abortion is murder, no matter if you want it to be or initiativeblog.com: Resolved.

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If health complications arrive during pregnancy and abortion is presented as a practical means to save the woman's life, or the child is proven to be terribly deformed, etc.

etc. - I once again believe the mother has the right to an abortion. They Just Don't Get It Souls are being lost while the bishops fail to act. The Vatican’s stunning request that the American bishops press pause on voting on a plan to address the abuse crisis highlighted the sad fact that they still just don't get it.

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Popular destination for smokers. Her speech on how abortion is a loving and sacred act is contrasted with the reality shown in the abortion video.

Here is the video: In the abortion video, the baby you see aborted could be legally aborted in any state in the United States.

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