Are we born with our sexual

Someone born with a penis will be a boy and someone with a vulva will be a girl. For many people, this is cause for little, if any, concern or further thought.

Are we born with our sexual

The next morning, my father called me to say that scientists made strange discoveries regarding the human DNA. Even though I usually 'administrate' this kind of information to my father 'by force', now he was the one updating me.

Even so, I haven't payed attention to this subject until later that evening. To be honest, I was amazed to read that the modern medicine finally released to the press that the 'first human with 3 DNA strands' has been born. Of course, the case of little Alfie is the first one to be officially acknowledge by the medical community, but not the only one existent.

In fact, I've read years ago that independent doctors were already working with children who developed the third DNA strand. But are they different than the average human? I am absolutely delighted to inform you that they are very special and in fact all humans are mutating to a superior species, as we speak.

Please relax and enjoy the article! Convention of geneticists from around the world: DNA and body changes; IV. Brave Alfie Clamp was born blind and with severe disabilities, which led doctors to carry out various tests. They revealed his seventh chromosome has an extra strand of material which has never been documented anywhere in the world before.

Doctors are baffled at his condition, which is so rare it does not have a name. Medics also have no idea whether his condition will improve or reduce his life expectancy. Alfie, from Nuneaton, Warks.

His parents Gemma and Richard Clamp only discovered something was wrong with their son after they first took him home. Within days, he was rushed back to hospital after he stopped breathing and his lips turned blue.

Are we born with our sexual

Then when he was six weeks old, doctors discovered he had a rare abnormality in his DNA. As a pregnant mum you spend nine months thinking about what it will be like when your baby takes their first step or claps their hands.

He didn't roll over until he was 18 months old, but we were so excited when he did. Little Alfie Clamp has an 'extra arm' on one of his, in what is believed to be a world first.

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His condition left Alfie unable to see until he was three months old and his muscles were so weak he could not roll over on his own. He still suffers serious digestive problems and needs a cocktail of drugs every day to help his body absorb vital nutrients.

He also suffers fits which sparked by high temperatures and metabolic problems stop him from eating or drinking. Since he was born, Alfie has been rushed to hospital six times - including twice just last month - when he stopped breathing.

His parents even believed he was dying twice and were stunned when Alfie made a full recovery after spending time in hospital. Mr and Mrs Clamp, who also have year-old daughter Georgia who is perfectly healthy, had their DNA tested but were not carriers of the faulty gene.

I don't think we'll ever know why it happened. It was a massive milestone for us because we didn't know if that would ever happen.

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Having Alfie has changed our lives - everything revolves around him. But he is such a happy boy and he has brought a lot of joy to our lives. The interview is still available here. We are being changed physically from carbon-based beings with 2 strands of DNA into crystalline beings with 1, strands of DNA eventually, in timebecause only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels.

But the immediate changes are from 2 to 3 DNA strands, and later into It is speculated that the human beings already had 12 DNA strands hundreds of thousands of years ago, but someone or something interfered in our evolution, downgrading us to only two.Jun 11,  · Here’s What We Know About the Science of Sexual Orientation By Michael Sean Pepper and Beverley Kramer Sexual orientation isn't .

A microscopic image of human chromosomes. Little Alfie Clamp has an 'extra arm' on one of his, in what is believed to be a world first. His condition left Alfie unable to see until he was three months old and his muscles were so weak he could not roll over on his own. Sexuality is much more than the physical act of sex and it's more than our biology.

Your sexuality includes your thoughts, desires, longings, fantasies and experiences related to sex and sexual partners.

And we are not all alike! Sexual expression is a healthy human need. Human beings are sexual. The relationship between biology and sexual orientation is a subject of research. While scientists do not know the exact cause of sexual orientation, they theorize that a combination of genetic, hormonal, and social factors determine it.

Hypotheses for the impact of the post-natal social environment on sexual orientation, however, are weak, especially for males. We are born with gender, same as we are born with biological sex.

Gender Roles are how an individual performs their biological sex. It’s an extremely simple example of evolutionary psychology, yet certain ideologues do everything in their power to deny the existence of trees while they stand amidst a forest. The bad news about the human species is that our impulse to prejudge others predates our evolution from primates to humans, but the good news is that more recent evolution of the neocortex restrains our less noble impulses.

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