Cisa exam notes wan essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. One could personally see the switches connecting various computer nodes and may be a router to which the switches are connected. Sometimes when it is not working, we pull out the cable from the card and plug it again to try our luck!!

Cisa exam notes wan essay

Phase 7 -Post implementation 25 Benefits Realization The objective of benefits realization is to ensure that IT and the business fulfill their value management responsibilit8ies.

Particular that; IT-enabled business investment achieve the promised benefits and deliver measurable business value Required capabilities solution and service are delivered: On time, both with respect to schedule and time-sensitive market, industry and regulatory requirements Within budget IT service and other IT assets continue to contribute to business value.

The premise of benefits realization is that there is strong concern at board and senior management levels that the high expenditures on IT-related initiative are not realizing business benefits they promise. When a PERT chart includes notation regarding the elapsed time required for each task, then you can follow each path through the network and add the elapsed time to get a total time for each path.

It is important to identify the critical path in a project, because this allows the project manager to understand which tasks are most likely to impact the project schedule and to determine when the project will finally conclude. When a project manager knows which tasks are on the critical path, he or she can perform analysis and attempt to improve the project plan through one of the following: To be able to start a task earlier, it may be necessary to change the way that earlier dependent tasks are performed.

For example, a Unix system administrator can be brought into a project a week earlier to begin critical tasks such as building servers. Peaks and valleys of resource utilization are more costly and disruptive. But they can also be costly for internal resources if personnel are being shuttled back and forth between projects.

Starts and stops can mean that personnel incur startup time as they move back and forth between projects. The owner should provide written authorization to the users to access the data. If you do not classify data according to their sensitivity and importance to the business, you cannot apply proper access rules to them.

Data owners are responsible for defining access rules. The data classification process starts with the process of establishing ownership of data. This process also helps to prepare data dictionary.

It represents the problem of segregation of duty. The IS functions those cannot be replaced by manual methods are considered critical functions.

Cisa exam notes wan essay

You can manually perform sensitive functions with tolerable cost for an extended period of time. Vital functions can be performed manually only for a short period of time. If some functions can be irrupted for a longer period of time with low cost or no cost and can be restored to its original state with little or zero cost, then those functions are called non-critical IS functions.

You need to create an inventory of IS resources for implementing access control. For example, you can use both firewall and logical access control to your system at the same time.

For instance, you can install two firewalls from two different manufactures. An IS auditor should find the use of stenography while auditing or reviewing digital rights management DRM.

It is a process that breaks data blocks into smaller portion so as they can be easily managed and interpreted by the computer.The WAN A natural extension of the LAN is the wide area network (WAN).A WAN connects remote LANs and ties remote computers together over long distances.

The WAN provides the same functionality as the individual LAN, but on a larger scale - electronic mail, applications, and files can now move throughout the organization-wide are, by default, heterogeneous networks that consist. WAN technologies generally function at the lower three layers of the OSI reference model: the physical layer, the data link layer, and the network layer.

Figure illustrates the relationship between the common WAN technologies and the OSI model. Cisa Exam Notes To summarize the above two paragraphs, protocol means ‘rules’. If Head office router and Branch office router want to exchange communication, there must be some ‘protocols’ which both the routers must accept.

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Intro to Wan. Topics: X The WAN Essay The WAN A natural Cisa Exam Notes between your Head office located in Chennai and the Branch office in Singapore? What are all the possibilities and whom to approach? We know that there is no way to lay a cable all the way to Singapore!

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