Dream rood essay topics

The Dream of the Rood: It was found in a manuscript in Northern Italy with a number of other Old English poems, although some of the passages are also found inscribed on a stone cross in Scotland which dates back to the eighth century. Like much of the surviving Old English poetry, no one knows who actually wrote "The Dream of the Rood. While the term "rood" refers to a cross, the dream is really about a tree that has been fashioned into a cross.

Dream rood essay topics

Custom The Dream of the Rood essay paper writing service Buy The Dream of the Rood essay paper online Introduction As I reflect upon the poem, I am filled with hope and my faith is developed because no matter what afflictions might occur in my life I am encouraged to face them and proceed with life positively.

The anxiety with which I used to face situations in life with is drawn out of me and I understand that no matter what, I will always be victorious over evil. I also think that I should live my life according to the teachings of the lord as he went through many afflictions to the point of dying in order for my sins to be forgiven.

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Prior to reading this poem, I had notions of Christ being in a stressful position on the way to his crucifixion, but now, my view of moments which I deem to be scary Dream rood essay topics demanding has changed since at the moment I believe that I have to stay calm in whatever trouble.

My relationship with people especially those who have wronged me was not smooth because, in many cases I usually held grudges which prompted me to revenge. The rood changed my view pertaining forgiveness with the easiness it bend and let the men take the body of the almighty king.

It allowed them to take the body without harboring thoughts of injuring anyone. I think this is an attribute I need to start practicing. I did not have much reverence for the cross as I detested its use in the crucifixion of the almighty king though that has changed at the moment as it appears to me as an object of veneration.

This view is supported by the fact that it acted as a bridge between humanity and God. I also reflect on the idea that I will only have one life to live just like the almighty king had. This implies that I need to maximize on every opportunity and chance I find in life knowing that I only live for the audience of one person alone and that is God.

I should not be held back by the fear of being mocked but instead, I should focus on my potential. This writing reminds that in my faith development I should be prepared to come across different challenges and turmoil just like the rood experienced.

It had to be cut from its stem where it stood steadfast with strong roots holding it. This means that I will be shaken at times in my faith development but I need to understand that they are part of the challenges I have to face in my growth of faith.

Dream rood essay topics

Secondly, this writing is important a it shows me that in my pursuit to develop in faith, I might end being separated from the people I treasure or am related to. This is in relation to the writing viewed where the rood has to be taken from the surroundings it currently occupied to another area in order to be mounted by Christ.

Cursed people will offer me challenges as they will seek to derail my growth by doing things which will be intended to harm or scare me.

Thirdly, the writing advises my faith growth to be of courage and not to fear as the challenges might be a disguise of God testing my faith to him. It makes me want to exhibit the courage Christ had while on his way to mount the rood. Christ did not falter in his faith but remained strong and steadfast in his accomplishment of his mission.

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The rood also by standing fast and not falling due to the weight it bore also challenges my faith growth. It encourages me to be focused and not be shaken by small afflictions which I can bear.

Endurance is key as it will enable my faith development to be far reaching. At many times am faced with earthly challenges that might derail my growth in faith, but the writing shows me how it is important not to bow to death. I can also deduce from the reading that my growth of faith is not an easy task and I should be dedicated from the beginning in order to be able to bear all the challenges ensuing.

Helping others is an important part in the development of faith as without the support of others, we can not stand on our own. This is depicted from the writing where the role of my life might be forced to changes as I seek to help others in their faith development.

The rood claims that it was reared to be a rod but it ended up carrying the mighty king. People might also mock me by declaring my stand in faith just like Christ was done by the people who crucified him on the cross.

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At such times, the writing warns me against seeking revenge but instead I should endure and forgive those who accustom me to it. This can be seen where the rood in its talk claims that the men drove nails through it and it still bears all the pain.

Despite that, the rood shows its forgiveness to its detractors by claiming that it can not scathe any one.Topics: Jesus, Dream of the Rood dream vision convention analysis Anglo-Saxon values: kingship, kinship and treasure, do not mirror Christian values of love and the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do to you.

The Bible does not portray Christ’s death as that of a warrior’s death. the dream of the rood Essay. The Old English poem The Dream of the Rood is an early Christian poem written in alliterative verse describing a dream vision.

Fragments of the poem were found carved in the runic alphabet on the Ruthwell Cross - an Anglo-Saxon monument dating from the . Airline chicken Airline chicken can be several things, depending upon who you talk to.

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It can be a fancy cut, a special presentation, or a negative appelation directed at . The Dream of the Rood c. Eighth Century. Old English poem. The Dream of the Rood has been heralded by scholars as the finest expression of the Crucifixion theme in Old English poetry.

Though it. initiativeblog.com – Best Essay Writing Service. Our main goal is to make the education at college and university more productive. Here are many useful free essays on various topics. The “Dream of the Rood” is one of the most historic Old English poems of all time.

The author’s elaborate use of literary devices and themes makes this poem so memorable and powerful. It challenged the way people thought and acted.

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