Effects of overpaying professional athletes

But somehow it was decided that people who labor harder than most, city workers, janitors and factory workers, would be paid less than someone who sits behind a desk all day or someone who plays a game for a living. Today athletes are the highest paid people in the country, with the exception of Donald Trump and his toupee. It is ridiculous to believe that someone is really worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and all they have to do is play a sport; a sport that millions of people would play for free if given the chance. Major League Baseball may be responsible for the rising salaries of athletes.

Effects of overpaying professional athletes

Send Email Cancel Whether or not professional athletes are overpaid has been a long-standing debate. And in a world where some professional athletes are paid almost times the salary of the average U. In a February article for Business Insider, Cork Gaines offered up a salary comparison for the top players in the four major U.

So why are professional athletes making more money than most of us could ever dream of? Well, there are many factors that go into it, such as the amount of time athletes put into perfecting their skills, the wear and tear on their bodies, and their short career spans.

As fans, we encourage and allow for athletes to get paid higher and higher salaries each year, because we keep coming back for more. Though a good portion of this money comes from TV deals signed with major networks, a lot of it also comes from ticket sales and merchandise.

I definitely have at least one form of apparel for the Cubs, Hawks, Bulls, Bears, and yes, even the Sox. As much as I would like to sit here and say that athletes are overpaid, considering even some rookies make more than the President of the United States, I am partly responsible for funding their paychecks.

The big four are all multi-billion dollar companies, and you have to think of them in terms of a company. A successful business is only going to pay their employees what they feel they are worth.

Finally, there are the department executives. My question though is where does that leave the upper management and CEO of the company? What most people fail to realize is that professional coaches and league commissioners are making just as much, if not more, than some of these players.

Now in an industry like the NFL or MLB that comes as no shock because again, these are multi-billion dollar businesses; but what about college sports?

The highest paid public employee are college coaches in 39 out of the 50 states.

NBA Salary Cap FAQ

When you take a look at the expenses of a college football team, like Alabama, compared to revenue gained, it is easy to see why Saban is paid so much. Alicia Jessup, a contributor for Forbes, showed this comparison in an August article. Not all of this money comes from the government though.

Professional athletes and coaches have been paid lucrative salaries for years. Of course it seems crazy that a player or a coach would make more money than a doctor, lawyer, fireman, police officer, teacher, or even our president.

But as fans and consumers, we keep putting the money in their pockets. We keep returning to our favorite spot on the couch, with our good friends and our usual game-day snacks every week just to watch Tom Brady throw that touchdown, LeBron James hit that three-pointer, Anthony Rizzo hit that home runand Patrick Kane to score that goal.

Until we as fans decide to give up on our teams, they will continue to help these players make this type of money.Athletes Are Overpaid. My father is a logger, and works twice as hard then the average athlete, and he doesn't even get a eighth of what the average athlete does, I .

1. What is a salary cap? Why have one? A salary cap is a limit on the amount teams can spend on player contracts, which helps to maintain competitive balance in the league. While professional athletes are playing a game of their own and providing amusement to certain individuals, doctors are saving lives, helping society, and teaching the general public about health awareness.

Effects of overpaying professional athletes

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