Essay on malcolm x ballot or the bullet

Interestingly, I seem to recall that our watch [starboard] made a near clean sweep of all the trophies on offer that year.

Essay on malcolm x ballot or the bullet

Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. I am not a racist. I am against every form of racism and segregation, every form of discrimination. I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color.

One of the 22 million black people who are the victims of democracy, nothing but disguised hypocrisy. And I see America through the eyes of the victim. If violence is wrong in America, violence is wrong abroad. And if it is right for America to draft us, and teach us how to be violent in defense of her, then it is right for you and me to do whatever is necessary to defend our own people right here in this country.

There can be no black-white unity until there is first some black unity. We cannot think of uniting with others, until after we have first united among ourselves.

We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves. We are African, and we happened to be in America. We are people who formerly were Africans who were kidnapped and brought to America. The rock was landed on us. We were brought here against our will.

We were not brought here to be made citizens. We were not brought here to enjoy the constitutional gifts that they speak so beautifully about today. This is the press, an irresponsible press.

This is natural but it is done. Ignorance of each other is what has made unity impossible in the past. Therefore we need enlightenment.

We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. Once we have more knowledge light about each other, we will stop condemning each other and a United front will be brought about. He just happens to be a white man.

All of us have suffered here, in this country, political oppression at the hands of the white man, economic exploitation at the hands of the white man, and social degradation at the hands of the white man.

Whether we are Christians or Muslims or nationalists or agnostics or atheists, we must first learn to forget our differences.

If we have differences, let us differ in the closet; when we come out in front, let us not have anything to argue about until we get finished arguing with the man.


A vote for a Democrat is a vote for a Dixiecrat. You and I in America are faced with a government conspiracy. The same government that you go abroad to fight for and die for is the government that is in a conspiracy to deprive you of your voting rights, deprive you of your economic opportunities, deprive you of decent housing, deprive you of decent education.

And you should drop it in their lap. This government has failed the Negro. This so-called democracy has failed the Negro. And all these white liberals have definitely failed the Negro.

In Jacksonville, those were teenagers, they were throwing Molotov cocktails. Negroes have never done that before. I deal with small people. I find you can get a whole lot of small people and whip hell out of a whole lot of big people.

You let the white man walk around here talking about how rich this country is, but you never stop to think how it got rich so quick. It got rich because you made it rich. Every time he had a call to arms, we were the first ones in uniform. We died on every battlefield the white man had. We have made a greater contribution and have collected less.27th October As readers of this blog will know, for many years I have pursued the idea that ‘stress’ was the primary cause of cardiovascular disease.

Actually, it is strain.


Stress is the force applied, strain is the effect that stress produces. For the sake of simplicity, I will just use the word stress.. Full text and audio database of Top American Speeches by Rank Order. Speeches and Movement Documents Links • The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments () • Ain’t I A Woman?, Sojourner Truth () • The Ballot or the Bullet, Malcolm X ().

Violent Backlash The Miss. Freedom Summer Protests Won Progress At a Bloody Price. Bob Moses talks about the Mississippi Freedom Summer protests that he .

Essay on malcolm x ballot or the bullet

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. The most complete collection of Malcolm X speeches, debates and interviews ever assembled.

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