Examination of traits possessed by effective counselors essay

Kleinschmit Liberty University Abstraction Because the counselor-client relationship is one built on trust. This paper examines many of the traits possessed by counsellors who are considered successful in their field. Much of the research came from equal reviewed stuff.

Examination of traits possessed by effective counselors essay

Consider this assertion in terms of his roles as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army of the Revolution, the president of the Constitutional Convention and the first President of the United States of America.

He received it on the twentieth and he started for Boston on the twenty-first. It is clear that several factors led to his selection: Another factor of great importance, although not stressed or perhaps even acknowledged by many historians and commentators, was that his ideas in regard to British and colonial relations were well known and were representative of ideas shared by the delegates and those whom they represented.

They shared a common vision. First, he must win the war, no matter how long it took. Second, it was a war for independence, liberty. Third, the purpose of this independence from Great Britain was to establish a republican, constitutional government. Being a republic, its form of government and its ruling officials would all be determined by the people.

Washington, more than anyone else in that period, understood the full implication of these ideas in regard to all aspects of his functions as the military leader — strategy, operations, tactics. I have already shown that Washington had the vision of an independent, republican, constitutional government controlled by a free people.

He also envisioned this nation as contributing to the uplifting and happiness in the years, even centuries, to come of the whole world. This vision is now being fulfilled as an increasing number of the nations of the world become democracies.

As a visionary leader, Washington developed an organization with an organizational culture which achieved the goal of winning the war for independence.

This, as Washington well knew, would be just the first step in the founding of a republican, constitutional government. During the eight years of the American Revolution, General Washington spent far more time, thought and energy as the organizer and administrator of the military forces than he did as a military strategist and tactician.

As a visionary leader, Washington also attracted both military and civilians to follow him to victory. He faced the realities of short term enlistments, desertions, very poorly clad and equipped soldiers, recalcitrant congressional and state legislators and wavering loyalty to the Glorious Cause among the populace.

Yet enough soldiers and civilians so trusted him, believed in him, loved him that they stayed with him and his ideas. Three pivotal episodes illustrate this charismatic appeal. After the Christmas day battle at Trenton after the crossing of the Delaware, many of the soldiers were ready to leave because their enlistments were up.

Washington urgently appealed to them to step forward and stay with him in this noble cause. Hesitantly at first, but then almost completely, the soldiers stepped forward because of their trust in and regard for Washington.

In that moment, he saved the army and the revolutionary cause. The battle at Monmouth, New Jersey in also revealed his charismatic leadership and his genius as a battlefield tactician.

There was a conspiratorial movement among many officers because they had not been paid and recognized adequately for their years of sacrifice. Washington appealed to their reason but it was probably due as much to their emotional ties to him that, after his dramatic meeting with them, they affirmed their loyalty to the Cause and dropped all conspiratorial intentions.

Washington biographer James Thomas Flexner wrote: Washington excelled in all three roles of a visionary leader; he excelled equally in maintaining coherence between his long term goals and specific, current actions. We see this time and time again in his unfaltering commitment to the idea that in a republic the military must always be subject to civilian control.

He made this clear in innumerable letters, orders, addresses and especially by his actions that the army must always act in accordance with Congressional decisions, even when he disagreed with them.

These decisions involved such basic things as the selection of officers, planning of strategy and the equipping and paying of the soldiers. Washington understood the essential ingredients necessary for the establishment of a constitutional, republican government: These ideas were not to be violated in the midst of a war.

Thus, when soldiers went out to forage for food and supplies, they were ordered to show respect for all the citizens even if a lack of it might have facilitated a greater return from their foraging. Washington knew that the use of unethical and disrespectful means to attain short range gains could prevent the attainment of long range goals.

President, Constitutional Convention As the unanimously elected presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention, which met in Philadelphia May 25 to September 17,Washington again demonstrated his genius in leadership.

Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling | Essay Example Therefore, I would be very much ungrateful if I do not acknowledge the valuable assistance received from several people which have brought this handy work to reality.
Browse by Subject View Full Essay Words: This assumption is ongruent with the findings of a study by Wilkerson and Bellini who advise, "Professional shool ounselors are asked to perform multiple duties as part of their daily work.

One reason, certainly, is that the delegates knew that the most respected, beloved and even idolized person in the country was George Washington. As on previous occasions, however, he was also selected for this crucial role because of his character and because he was a recognized leader who was skillful in reconciling various views; in short, he was a supreme politician.

I wish to stress, however, that he was also chosen because his ideas in regard to constitutionalism were widely known and were shared by most of the delegates. They knew that they could trust him not only because of his outstanding character but also because of his ideas in regard to constitutional government.

This neglect or lack of understanding has been corrected by Dr. These notions began to emerge early in the s, took on a sharper, clearer perspective during the Revolution, and changed little thereafter. His words, many of them revealed only for family and friends, reveal a man with a passionate commitment to a fully developed idea of a constitutional republic on a continental scale, eager to promote that plan wherever and whenever circumstance or the hand of Providence allowed.Other than the obvious personal abilities like interpersonal skills, counselors require many personality traits to be effective and efficient.

Corey () says that there are many characteristics of counselors which seem unrealistic .

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Examination of traits possessed by effective counselors essay

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An essay or paper on Characteristics of Effective Counselors. The purpose of this paper was to examine the research on the characteristics, traits, and attributes of effective counselors.

It was noted that the research in this area has been relatively meager but that over the years, some informat. Propose And Discuss Three Traits An Individual Should Possess To Be An Effective Manager. Traits of a Functional Manager Curtis Mustard BUS Principles of Management Paul Michael April 9, A manager's role in any organization "is the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively.".

Becoming a professional counselor: (CACREP) and the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and represent material covered by a dozen or more graduate courses. Since the guide's first publication in , thousands of students have used it to supplement course notes and textbooks in preparation for examinations—with great.

It is most beneficial if a school counselor has teaching experience which means the Bachelors degree would be in some kind of education. Following is a list of courses, which may be required for a future school counselor:?

Flexibility- Effective counselors are not tied to a single method of work. ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according.

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