Free will symposium

This year we have opted to have an open program, meaning there is no specific theme which papers submissions must conform to. Instead, we welcome prospective presenters to submit ideas on any number of themes that might be construed broadly as theological. While theology no doubt includes those subjects, I want to remind our readers that theology is a much more comprehensive and nuanced enterprise.

Free will symposium

Watch the AI Now Symposium livestream from 6: Yet even in the face of increased public awareness and concern, the rapid adoption of these systems across sensitive social and political domains continues, with little oversight or transparency.

In parallel, we have also witnessed a shift in urgency and tactics, as academics, advocates, and tech workers organize against the unchecked influence and impact of AI systems. The AI Now Symposium will address the intersection of AI, ethics, organizing, and accountability—examining the landmark events of the past year that have brought these topics squarely into focus.

What can we learn from them and where is there more work to be done? Growing out of an initiative from the Obama White House, the annual AI Now Symposium convenes academic, industry, policy, and civil society experts to understand the biggest challenges we face as AI moves into our everyday lives.

Talks will be livestreamed and later archived on our website. The live-event will have an ASL interpreter and the livestream will have closed captioning. If you have specific questions about access, please write at least two weeks before the event and we will make every effort to accommodate you: AI Now is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience, please review our Code of Conduct.Henry was never a member of the Symposium.

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Free will symposium

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Continuing Education

The PM Symposium provides a forum focused on developing project managers of all skill levels through professional development opportunities (7 PDUs will be available throughout the day). The symposium is also an opportunity for companies to meet project managers seeking career transition and matching interests, skills, and experience to their needs.

This symposium will present recent advances in our understanding of the causes of cancer health disparities in the U.S. and globally, and will discuss disparities in cancer outcome and survivorship, and strategies to reduce these disparities, such as novel approaches to prevention, the use of immunotherapy, and Precision Medicine.

Registration is free and there are two ticket options: 1) free registration and 2) free registration with donation. Your donation will go towards the organization of the Fourth Annual OHDSI Symposium and all future OHDSI endeavors.

Admission to the ECSEL JU Symposium is free of charge, however registration is compulsory for all participants. BE QUICK! Brussels is a very popular place to be in this period.

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