Handwriting alphabet uppercase and lowercase vhs

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Handwriting alphabet uppercase and lowercase vhs

Either way, there is no reason to have a see also that is already linked in the article. In fact, one of the main functions of the 'see also' section is to list things that probably should be discussed in the article but aren't yet mentioned.

There's no need for a heading, and indeed, as mav says, the links are often subsequently integrated into the body text of the article.

It allows us to link to topics that don't quite fit into the article but are related in some fashion. For example, look at Encyclopedia.

These topics are relevent, but there's really no need to force them into the article simply to link to them. Maveric has suggested a Related Articles sub-heading, which sounds better than See also.

handwriting alphabet uppercase and lowercase vhs

However, most encyclopedias use See also, and thus so will most contributors. I've always used a sub-heading for it to keep it consistent with External links sections, but I don't mind the simple table option. Most encyclopedias use see alsos in parentheses inline with the text to accomplish the same function that our wiki links do.

Our see alsos are simple lists after the body of the article that usually contain topics that can and should be mentioned in the body of the article. Your usage of see alsos is still a perfectly valid one but it should be under a correctly named heading such as Related Topics.

See alsos would still be there to serve as a queue. However, there is some duplication and potential confusion with such a set-up -- there is often a real fuzzy line between whether a topic should be discussed in the body or if it is just of peripheral interest.

I rarely use see alsos or headings like Related Topics since I try to mention and link relevant topics in the body as I go.

Philosophical traces

But many others do and the dominant style is to have a no-frills horizontal vanilla list. I support this option because: In more complete articles there is no reason to not also have a Related Topics section heading and all.

Someone just moved the Gallic Wars out of Julius Caesar and it is as if the whole section including one of my favorite sentences! Flipping through a few encyclopedias, I see that most use "See also" within the article text, and then a list of related article follows the main article.

I think it's a turn off for the non-geeky not that I know many non-geeky persons, but I've heard that they exist. But this is not the case here -- hitting Save page again fixes the problem which I tested on Bengtsfors.

The problem only seems to affect some of the pages created by the original contributor of those Swedish towns a bot, apparently.

I hope that helps. These should included some reference in their introduction sentence to the field, such as "In mathematics Jeronimo I agree with both.

Your ideas, projects, opinions - podcasted.

Especially the first, which I broke too often in my youth. On that subject, note that we can say something more specific than "In mathematics " if the subject is truly thus restrictedsuch as "In topology ".

We can even say "In homotopy theory ", even though most people have no idea what the heck homotopy theory is, because they can click on the link to find out.

But we still need some context. In that case, both mathematicians but not topologists and complete layman can get an idea what the topic is about. Well, I do have a lot of articles that say "In topology and related branches of mathematics ", since the basic ideas of topology are widely used in other branches.

But how does it work for homotopy theory? We could say "In the mathematical field of homotopy theory ", since mathematicians know that homotopy theory is topology and nonmathematicians only want to know that it's math. OTOH, consider "In the mathematical theory of buildings ".

Had I read that last year, I'd have had no ideas what buildings are in math; they're not so well known. I would have understood "In the group theoretic theory of buildings ", but then the nonmathematicians would be lost. So we would only have complete context given for everybody by saying the loquacious "In the mathematical theory of buildingsused in group theory ".

handwriting alphabet uppercase and lowercase vhs

Anyway, the point of this note is to say that giving complete context will sometimes be quite wordy. But I do agree that we should give as much context as concise sentence structure allows.

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