Mncs bane or boon for

FDI in retail — Boon or Bane?

Mncs bane or boon for


Liberalize The main objective of the EICs were two fold. Excessive production of commodities within the European Nations needed a continuous markets for them to sell. Europe with its limited population cannot absorb this onslaught of commodities which are mostly of durable in nature like clothes.

So they needed new consumers for their commodities which was provided by the Asian Markets who accounted more than 1 billion China and India alone during that time around They wanted unrestricted authority to trade sell or buy the goods they manufactured or desired from all colonies.

Who ever opposed their view were occupied conquered destroyed. For this free trade to flourish first nobody should manufacture the commodities that Europeans manufactured as then the competition will exist. So first they destroyed the domestic production of the goods that Europeans manufactured.

In India for example British destroyed the cloth manufacturers to sell their cloth. But there are many European kingdoms who are at the same wanted the same markets to sell their goods.

Mncs bane or boon for

These kingdoms formed in to three camps. They nobly and benevolently divided the world in under concert of Nations fore runner of League of nations and United Nations in to colonies and each traded with a group of colonies. If these colonies were not producing enough for each of these groups then they fought with each other to get the markets and resources.

Since Russia with its Balkan republics is on its own lobby. Since Japan has its own lobby internationally.

Mncs bane or boon for

When all these groups engaged in mutual fighting then it became World Wars. When individual members are fought over few colonies then depending on who controlled media these wars are called "saving Civilization" to "saving mankind" to "protecting Freedom" to "protecting democracies" or "pirate wars", to "aggression" to "robbery" to "destruction of civilization.

The above groups lost most valuable markets. Most of these colonies became either Socialist Nations, Communist nations, or Monarchies.

They wanted to do their own things, produce their own commodities and live their own lives. But then what happens to the European nations who now produce more weapons, clothes, electronic equipment, and possess vast oil reserves.

Who will buy all these. How to make these colonies buy the stuff they make. First is blocking the technology of production. With out technology no one can produce anything. The second step re own these colonies once again not physically or politically but economically.

These MNCs have mostly belong to all the above group of nations and want like EICs uninterrupted trading rights to sell their products, exploit resources and manufacture goods including food and water in all these former colonies.

But these colonies are now ruled by different forms of political governments. But MNCs need only economic resources to manufacture and human resources people to sell.

Thus for all socialist and communist forms of governments a new concept of Liberalization and Privatization was evolved.ISMS – Several MNCs are increasingly unbundling or vertical disintegrating their activities.

Put in simple language, they have begun outsourcing (also called business process outsourcing) activities formerly performed in-house and concentrating their energies on a few functions. arqus-Diskussionsarbeiten können Sie hier downloaden. Wenn Sie eine Diskussionsarbeit einreichen wollen, wenden Sie sich bitte an Frau Jack.

In the world of business, monotonous work never brings productivity. Following the traditional practices of logging work and marking every minute’s productivity are no more feasible.


You may call it an MNC or startup culture, but today’s employees look for this flexibility. In this article at Consulting , Lew Sauder brings focus towards the importance .

Apr 09,  · Call Center Industry - Boon / Bane?? - April 9th, While many have agreed that Call center industry has provided jobs to the young generation and a handsome salary as well, there have been voices of protest for the call center industry with regards to many problems like psychological disorder, stress and the etcetras.

SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT IS A BOON OR BANE INTRODUCTION Science offers knowledge based on experiment and observation, but technologyis the total sum of the application of knowledge.

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