Mortgage sales manager business plan

Brokering home equity loans online Providing an online mortgage marketplace Providing other related loan cum mortgage consulting and advisory services Sales Forecast The fact that it is pretty difficult for the average individual and start — ups out there to obtain mortgage loans from banks and other financial institutions gives leverage to mortgage brokerage and loan services firms like ours. This goes to show that the potential to generate income for the business cannot be ruled out. We have been able to critically examine the mortgage brokerage and loan services market and have analyzed our chances in the industry and we have been able to come up with the following sales forecast.

Mortgage sales manager business plan

To provide a high quality service so that customers will perceive great value. To expand into the national market. To obtain additional funding to fuel the expansion. To become one of the premier nationally known equity lenders serving individuals with less than perfect credit or who are self-employed.

National Mortgage plans to closely monitor changing technology to be certain that the company is using the latest and most cost-effective equipment to keep up with current trends in the marketplace.

In addition to the above goals, we will survey our customers and make changes in our programs and add services to meet their changing ideas in the marketplace. Both of these companies have achieved national recognition and do an excellent job in getting franchise operations off the ground.

National Mortgage currently serves the Seattle and Spokane markets and their surrounding areas with its loan operations. By the end of first year of expansion, we expect to be serving up to 60 additional markets as a result of the franchise operations. As the Washington economy continues to see rapid growth, National Mortgage will take advantage of an even greater share of the local marketplace than it has in the past.

It will be able to capitalize on the reputation it has built. It is very important to continue to fill the market void for those borrowers that cannot obtain loans through conventional lenders.

Our experience has shown that people with less than perfect credit or who are self-employed are very grateful for the professional manner in which their loans are processed.

Its main office will be fully staffed and equipped and able to handle nearly double the amount of processing with little additional expenses. The biggest problem this venture will face will be creating customer awareness of our services and funding the growth.

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We will use a combination of advertising techniques and word of mouth to increase this awareness. We will also utilize the services of Merrill Lynch and ABC, nationally recognized and respected companies, to help us in this area.

Once a general awareness is present, the company has a virtually unlimited growth potential. Through the franchise operations we will be able to handle large numbers of loans through our processing center.

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Once the franchising operations are established, loans will be processed from each franchisee through our processing center.

Loans will be processed for the franchisees as well as those generated by our company-owned office. The future holds the promise of almost unlimited growth and income as the business matures and considers other markets and products. Complementary products such as secured credit cards and debit cards will be considered in the future in response to customer requests.

She worked several years for a nationally known equity lender. She spent nearly twenty years in the United States Army in a variety of top level management positions and attended the University of Kentucky.

She is also fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. Jill is responsible for the overall operations of the loan processing area. She assists in processing files, understanding and adhering to lender's guidelines, ordering and follow-up on verifications.

She attends on-going training conducted by lenders, title companies, and other outside agencies.

mortgage sales manager business plan

She ensures Quality Control for each loan package prior to submission. Sue Brown serves as Vice President of National Mortgage and has five years of experience in the mortgage industry and has "hands-on, ground-up" knowledge of all facets of the mortgage business.

She has worked with a variety of nationally known equity lenders. She has played a key role and functioned in a management capacity in most impact areas of the industry. Her supervisory positions in the administrative, operational, technological, and fiscal areas of this discipline have afforded her the skills, experience, and talents necessary to lead National Mortgage through this new century.

Sue is heavily involved in sales, advertising, banking, operation, planning, insurance, purchasing, and equipment. She also will be involved with locating, interviewing, qualifying, and training the initial franchisees. She will oversee the training of future area representatives and instructors.

She attended Seattle Business College and studied business management. Her duties include office management, insuring client satisfaction, resolving customer complaints, and client interviewing for prequalification. She also is involved in the hiring, firing, scheduling, and training of employees.

Rachel Rosana has worked with several nationally known mortgage lenders. Her main duties with National Mortgage are in the capacity of Processing Manager.

She trains processors, funding representatives, and team leaders. She provides quality control for file processing and ensures files are maintained properly.

mortgage sales manager business plan

The business is set up as a "C" corporation.Claremont Funding mortgage broker business plan strategy and implementation summary. Claremont Funding is a mortgage brokerage serving the lending needs of real estate professionals, builders, and individual home buyers.

Dec 05,  · Ryan Stewman discusses a hardcore 90 Day Sales Plan for Mortgage Brokers and Branch Managers with proven techniques to increase sales volume. Fill out the form on this link.

Plan Summary The Mortgage industry is involved in mediating a customer and the financial organization with whom they in the mortgage-lending environment. This document is a partner document to the Mortgage Business document. It provides the data used in the Mortgage Sample Database.

Sales Manager Plan (PL05) Referral Plan (PL06). Helen Hunt serves National Mortgage as its Operations Manager. She attended Seattle Business College and studied business management.

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Her duties include office management, insuring client satisfaction, resolving customer complaints, and client interviewing for prequalification. Mortgage Brokerage Firm Business Plan – SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY We are mindful of the fact that there is stiffer competition amongst mortgage brokerage and loan services firms in the United States of America, hence we have been able to hire some of the best business developer to handle our sales and marketing.

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