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Suppression of these toxic negative emotions increases stress hormone cortisol levels, which directly suppress immune system function. The below worldwide studies show the link between cancer and unexpressed anger. Extreme suppression of anger was the most commonly identified characteristic of breast cancer patients who were given a detailed psychological interview and self-administered questionnaire in a study conducted by the King's College Hospital in London, as reported by the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

Pseudo research

Let me give you a few examples of where I caught errors in the information being given by national news agencies.

This sounded strange to me because I Pseudo research a lot of Fox viewers who seem very informed. Because I love research I decided to audit their report. After digging in to the research conducted by the university I found they only surveyed people all of which live in New Jersey!

I would like for you to really think about this because I would love for you to be as livid as I am. How in the world could national news agencies take a report based on people who live in New Jersey and treat it like its national news?

This is very important because what if only out Pseudo research the people surveyed watched Fox.

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Plus, the demographics are different in New Jersey than the demographics of those living in the southeast. Fox News has a large viewer base in the southeast so these viewers would be more inclined to watch Fox for longer periods of time.

They were sharing the report and treating it as the truth when only people out of the million people in the U. How can we trust news organizations? Let me give you another example.

Pseudo research

I was watching the evening news with Diane Sawyer and they have an awesome segment called Made in America. Their numbers looked strange to me so I grabbed my laptop and checked them out. So right off the bat I saw a major flaw.

I sent an email to ABC not expecting to hear anything but much to my surprise from the evening news called and went over my calculations.

He was embarrassed and said they got the research from the National Retail Federation. I give them credit for this. There are more problems than the two examples I shared above.

Do you really believe the media knows how many people live in the U. Do you think they know how many of our citizens are African American, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic? I even heard the news share how many people will be travelling during Thanksgiving and how many of them would be driving and flying.

I love marketing analytics so I know data can be spun in at least two different directions. A recent example is the White House when they touted a decline in unemployment based on a percentage.

In this case I believe it was 8. In this case overfell out of the system without getting a job. With data spin in mind, Fox News can very easily spin data and make it fit their demographics while MSNBC with different demographics can do the same thing to their viewers.

The problem is that people think what they hear is correct and it leads to major division between viewers of both networks.

Pseudo research

How many times have you heard people in a heated argument about politics because of the propaganda given to them from the network they watch? My brother has a good rule of thumb; he watches a few different networks and then figures the relative truth might be somewhere in the middle.

I could be way off base but sometimes I wonder. News agencies can find anyone they want to support their opinion or to invoke emotions from their viewers.

Life can be tough enough without the media bringing us down.

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I did my best to use multiple sources and if I saw a common theme I ran with it. In the end though I had to use my common sense and critical thinking to determine what is most accurate. This is my attempt to reiterate the insights I share are from my experiences.

I thoroughly believe in what I wrote, I hope you do too.From an April 1 report in the British Medical Journal on purported research by neurologist “Leth Argos” and a team at the University of Newcastle. The spoof was created by David Henry, a. Abstract: In recent years the Book of Mormon has been compared to pseudo-biblical texts like Gilbert J.

Hunt’s The Late War (). Some have found strong linguistic correspondence and declared that there is an authorial relationship. However, comparative linguistic studies performed to date have.

Every day we are inundated with research from various television shows and news broadcasts (i.e.

average gas prices, gross domestic product, jobless rate, political. INTRODUCTION: Pseudo exfoliation (PEX) syndrome is an age related disease characterized by the widespread deposition of an abnormal extra cellular fibrillar .

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Pseudo Research in Marketing: The Case of the Price/Perceived‐Quality Relationship Author(s): Peter Bowbrick, Abstract: Comments on the commonly‐observed phenomenon that people frequently judge the quality of a product by its price, assuming that the most expensive item is better, and discusses the reasons for this and its implications.

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