Rides and rollercoasters

See Article History Roller coaster, elevated railway with steep inclines and descents that carries a train of passengers through sharp curves and sudden changes of speed and direction for a brief thrill ride.

Rides and rollercoasters

Side friction roller coaster Ina mining company in Summit Hill, Pennsylvania constructed the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railwaya downhill gravity railroad used to deliver coal to Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania — now known as Jim Thorpe. Railway companies used similar tracks to provide amusement on days when ridership was low.

Perhaps the best known historical roller coaster, Cyclonewas opened at Coney Island in The Great Depression marked the end of the golden age of roller coasters, and theme parks in general went into decline. This lasted untilwhen the instant success of The Racer at Kings Island near Cincinnati began a roller coaster renaissance which has continued to this day.

Unlike wooden coaster rails, tubular steel can be bent in any direction, allowing designers to incorporate loops, corkscrews, and many other maneuvers into their designs.

Most modern roller coasters are made of steel, although wooden coasters and hybrids are still being built. It is said to have originated from an early American design where slides or ramps were fitted with rollers over which a sled would coast.

Another explanation is that it originated from a ride located in a roller skating rink in HaverhillMassachusetts in A toboggan -like sled was raised to the top of a track which consisted of hundreds of rollers.


This Roller Toboggan then took off down gently rolling hills to the floor. The inventors of this ride, Stephen E. Jackman and Byron B. Floyd, claim that they were the first to use the term "roller coaster". Contrastingly, in Russian, they are called "American mountains". In the Scandinavian languages and German, the roller coaster is referred as "mountain-and-valley railway".

German also knows the word "Achterbahn", stemming from "FigurBahn", like Dutch "Achtbaan", relating to the form of the number 8 "acht" in German and also Dutch.

Mechanics This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Play media Video from inside a roller coaster car Helix at Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden The cars on a typical roller coaster are not self-powered.

Instead, a standard full circuit coaster is pulled up with a chain or cable along the lift hill to the first peak of the coaster track.

The potential energy accumulated by the rise in height is transferred to kinetic energy as the cars race down the first downward slope.

Kinetic energy is then converted back into potential energy as the train moves up again to the second peak. This hill is necessarily lower, as some mechanical energy is lost to friction.

Not all rides feature a lift hill, however.

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The train may be set into motion by a launch mechanism such as a flywheel launch, linear induction motors, linear synchronous motors, hydraulic launch, compressed air launch or drive tire. Such launched coasters are capable of reaching higher speeds in a shorter length of track than those featuring a conventional lift hill.Aug 05,  · This follows a "courtship" of 3, rides over ten years with the 80ft gondola ride called Nachts.

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Rides and rollercoasters

Let your children explore endless building possibilities with this unique building system from K’NEX! The K’NEX Thrill Rides Electric Inferno Roller Coaster Building Set comes with parts and pieces, including a motor and chain lift with a coaster initiativeblog.com of the pieces can be clicked together to create a variety of 3D configurations.

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Negative-G is about the fun of amusement parks, theme parks and my favorite roller coasters with photos, trip reports and reviews of over sixty amusement parks across the United States and Canada. Our tallest wooden roller coaster, Twister lives up to its name. Speed along a tangled, winding track, a double helix, a dark tunnel & down several hills!

Cedar Point is a place like no other with 18 world-class roller coasters. The riding experiences are so diverse, there’s a roller coaster for every thrill seeker.

Originally opening at Knott's Berry Farm in , the Corkscrew was the first modern inverting coaster. This amazing coaster was also the first to take riders upside-down not once but twice as they moved through the double helix that is the highlight of this coaster ride.

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