Swot analysis eu yan sang

Leave a comment Moving forward, we propose that Ya Kun pursue a new product strategy in the form of line extension. Thus, we believe that a line extension would be the best strategy as there is currently a significant amount of untapped potential in other meal times especially lunch and dinner. Address weak breadth of brand awareness and increase behavioral loyalty by increasing purchase situations.

Swot analysis eu yan sang

In the supermarket, brands can be found selling relatively homogenous products. Market growth is increasing due to recent pushes towards complementary healthcare, for instance the work of the Complementary Healthcare Association lobbying the government and surveys undertaken by industry help to spread awareness of complementary healthcare among the aging baby-boomer population.

The impact of regulatory bodies. Also, if the healthcare products are viewed as commodities, buyers will Swot analysis eu yan sang upon price and service as their differentiators. One of the biggest competitors to Blackmores continues to be lower priced alternative complementary medicines. Bio-Organics and Herron are two brands that are competing directly with Blackmores and given their lower price products are sharing much of the market share with Blackmores.

Additionally, there are added incentives to purchase Guardian products, such as Guardian loyalty cards. These factors help to boost Guardian owned products.

Some prominent brands include Raffles Hotels & Resorts, Singapore Management University, Kao Corporation, Cerebos, TDK, Eu Yan Sang, Bee Cheng Hiang, Times Publishing, just to name a few. Catherine has a long and successful track record as a consultant, trainer, facilitator, speaker and educator working in settings ranging from business, local. Eu Yan Sang- Assignment Report of Principles of Marketing. market penetration of coca cola company. Entrepreneurship Assignment on Breadtalk. Brand Audit Elements. 4 Success Stories. Nokia Brand Audit. SWOT Analysis Streghts • Established local enterprise with distinct colour SWOT Opportunity • Attractive to tourists • Better. EYS stands for Eu Yan Sang (Chinese medicine company; Singapore). EYS is defined as Eu Yan Sang (Chinese medicine company; Singapore) somewhat frequently. and Singapore Chemical Industry Council, plus comparative matrix and SWOT for the Angel Face - Fisons Ltd - Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry Co Ltd - Eu Yan Sang (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Therefore, a possible improvement in the future for Blackmores is to introduce a loyalty scheme that will help retain their customers. The bargaining power of buyers: Bargaining power of buyers is moderate to weak.

Detailed TOC of Eu Yan Sang International Ltd. (E02) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

Many buyers mostly accounting for a small proportion of total sales. The complementary healthcare industry utilizes 3 major distribution channels - Chemists, grocery stores and healthcare stores to access a wide range of consumers who generally all purchase relatively low volumes ASMI, Blackmores has sought to differentiate its product via a quality focus and some competitors have a cost-focus.

This Differentiation strategy helps to develop brand loyalty and is aimed at nullifying the impact of higher prices on consumer demand. No real threat of backward integration — given the diversity of customers.

The customers are end-users, so there are no resale issues The absence of any real switching costs favorably influences buyer power, as it allows dissatisfied customers to change readily within the healthcare brands. Again, the focus on brand image and service helps to offset this lack of switching costs.

The retail stores and distributors, however, have some bargaining power because they are able to influence the amount of shelf space given to Blackmores.

Swot analysis eu yan sang

However, Blackmores has a good working relationship with distributors and has a good share of shelf space amongst retail outlets. The bargaining power of suppliers Generally quite weak, as there are many supplier companies selling relatively homogenous raw materials and commodity products — price, quality and service are the only real differentiators.

It is a growth industry that suppliers would want to remain on good terms with. However the push for quality and the high number of suppliers means it is difficult for them to utilize this as leverage.

No real switching costs between suppliers, only real logistical issues. So again industry has the power to shop between suppliers. Suppliers do not pose much of a threat of forward integration — they manage a diverse portfolio of clients so it is unlikely to be cost effective to develop them within the niche healthcare industry.

Furthermore, it would be difficult produce the diverse raw-inputs that are necessary to manufacture healthcare products. Threat of Substitute Products Synthetic medicines prescribed by professional doctors act as a substitute for the natural medication that Blackmores sells.

However, the trend suggests a growingacceptance of natural healthcare products, such as those produced byBlackmores. Within the Asian markets that it is competing in, Blackmores will face intense competition from companies selling traditional Chinese medicines e.analyzing use analytical techniques, such as swot analysis, scan, slp or scenario planning, to explore the range of possible futures and the triggers used to analyze an organization’s facility needs.

Eu Yan Sang is a pharmaceutical company that specializes and focuses in traditional Chinese medicine. The company currently operates more than retail outlets in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

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Introduction Eu Yan Sang was founded in by a young man, Eu Kong. Eu Kong came from a small village in Guangdong, a state of southern China in Eu Kong opened his first shop in Gopeng, Perak in Malaysia with the name Yan Sang, which provide the nature Chinese medicines for tin mine coolies.

I. What is the problem? Problem: How can Eu Yan Sang (EYS) remain competitive against Chinese and Western pharmaceutical companies? How can Eu Yan Sang (EYS) deal with the problem of loosening sales because of environment changes?

II. Objective of the firm To capitalized on growing consumer interest in TCM among new generation III. Areas of Consideration SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS .

Global Over the Counter Drugs Market. Key players influencing Over the Counter Drugs Market in singapore are Eu Yan Sang international Ltd, Bayer AG, Johnson & Johnson, Glaxo smithkline plc.

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