The unfair treatment of college athletes by the ncca and the university

But there is a major disconnect between switching schools for coaches versus student-athletes. Unless a coach signs a non-compete provision, which determines which schools a coach cannot go to if they leave, they can usually leave a school whenever they please. Students, on the other hand, face major obstacles. If a coach decides to leave his position, he is not going to be blocked.

The unfair treatment of college athletes by the ncca and the university

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A field outside Roscrea, an unremarkable town in the midlands of Ireland, a rugby heartland, where men are men and pride in a jersey comes before all else.

Thirty men on a field chasing an oval ball with maybe the same number again on the side-lines watching. Supporters of a certain size and gender dare not get too close to the team manager for fear that if a substitute is needed they could be drafted in. There is no stand, no television cameras, no TV match official just the players, the officials and the supporters, maybe 60 sets of eyes follow the ball as it slips from muddy hand to hand weaving through the players.

The jerseys are faded, the lines on the field are smudged but the passion is evident with every run, every tackle, and every kick. This is a religion in itself and this scene is repeated across the country every weekend throughout the season.

Suddenly a shoulder collides with a head, a man drops to the ground, he touches his hand to his head, and the team doctor who incidentally doubles up as the kit man runs on, glancing over his shoulder to see who is on the side-line potentially ready to enter the field of play if needed.

The unfair treatment of college athletes by the ncca and the university

He asks the right questions but is reassured by the player that he is fine. The doctor scurries back to relative warmth of the side-line the game continues on.

This is amateur rugby. This is the heartbeat of the game. This is the reality. A different picture unfolds before our eyes. Eighty-three-thousand-seven-hundred-and-four sets of eyes will watch every movement, will feel every hit from their seats, will discuss every blow, will follow every movement as fifteen Lions take to the field with the intention of mauling, both literally and figuratively, the Australian Wallabies.

Millions of eyes across the world will follow the ball on their TV screens, watching not only the live action but the replays.

Four minutes in and pulses are already racing, Wallabies legend George Smith who incidentally returned from retirement for the game has the ball in hand and collides with pounds of Welshman in the form of Richard Hibbard.

The unfair treatment of college athletes by the ncca and the university

The medics race on, the spectators hold their collective breath, on the side-line Michael Hooper throws off his training top and races onto the field as the replacement.

The supporters are still discussing how sad an end to his career it is for Smith and hoping his injuries are minor when he emerges from the tunnel before running back onto the field.

One could be forgiven for questioning whether the team doctor had himself suffered a blow to the head in allowing Smith back on. This is professional rugby. This is the elite. The is with the eyes of the rugby supporting world watching.

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In the wake of the game Smith himself acknowledged the severity of his injury, It obviously affected me. You saw me snake dancing off the field.Sep 06,  · 4.

Oh, And Video Game Makers Also Profit Off College Athletes Under NCAA rules, companies are not allowed to use student-athletes' names to turn a profit. Sep 14,  · In his article titled "The Shame of College Sports," Taylor Branch calls the NCAA a classic cartel, making scads of money from the unpaid labor of young athletes.

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The system, he says, carries an unmistakable whiff of the plantation. NLRB Case RC (Northwestern University and College Athletes Players Association) In March , Peter Ohr, a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board, ruled that a group of Northwestern football players were employees of the institution and had the right to form a union and bargain collectively.

Do Student Athletes Deserve Special Treatment? Mar 24, In , Stanford University endured a minor academic scandal when it came to light that student athletes were given access to a 'feeble class list.' The list contained courses thought by some to be exceptionally easy, which led to accusations of preferential treatment.

Nov 13,  · Twenty-five current and former student athletes, led by Ed O’Bannon, a former basketball star at the University of California, Los Angeles, are challenging the N.C.A.A.

High School And College Athletes Receive Unfair Advantages athlete in the NCAA. High school and college athletes receive unfair benefits.

Academics are often dealt with unfairly for athletes. Players at major programs are all given free tutors, as colleges are willing to dedicate resources. Chris McFoy, a wide receiver at University of.

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