Tundra research paper

A biome is a large, distinctive complex of plant communities created and maintained by climate. How many biomes are there? Lots of color photographs of Terrestrial Biomes, Un-Biome:

Tundra research paper

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It can be divided clearly into three different sections: The latter Alpine Tundra occurs in higher altitudes such as mountains whereas the first two are mainly based in plains and lowlands of some kind. The Low Arctic Tundra is the transmission point to the north. The High Arctic Tundra is located farther north and encompasses the Arctic circle as well as most of the western Northwest Territories.

Generally though since climate more or less corresponds to vegetation zones, the Tundra is located in Arctic climate areas. Temperature The Tundra suffers a very harsh climate.

Tundra research paper

Because of this fact most of the area remains barren save for a few shrubs and lichens. It"s winters last from months and the summers are cool and short. Also due to the fact that much of it"s territory is located within the northern pole a lot of the Tundra receives alternating 6 month periods of light and dark.

This is also the reason why the Tundra receives cold weather; at it"s degree of latitude the suns rays end up hitting the region obliquely, thus causing less solar heat.

Here are the temperatures of the Tundra in general: The winter will last 8 to 10 months followed by the short and much less cold summer. During the summer some lower areas of the Tundra will defrost at which point most of the flora and fauna will start to creep out of hiding. The few summer months are used by many animals such as the polar bear, to mate and to prepare for the once again oncoming winter.

During the winter months most everything remains frozen. Many of the animals migrate south for the winter whereas some stay behind or even group together for ritual group suicide lemmings. There is little precipitation all year long in the Tundra.

The average yearly total is mm, out of which This low amount is due to the fact that there is very little evaporation. This is the reason that the Tundra is often referred to as a polar desert.

Fertility The Tundra"s fertility is very low. It has An average growing season of about 60 days 1.The tundra is a challenging environment to live and excel in. Musk, reindeer, and caribou are the dominant species of animal life in the tundra.

They feed on mostly grass, sedge, lichens, and willow.

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Artic hares or better known as snowshoe rabbits, and lemming feed on grass and mostly sedge. Research Papers words | (7 pages) | Preview The Biomes of Earth - There are many types of biomes and there is also a good variety of ways to their classification.

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However, existing research has primarily examined the wildfire–climate dynamics of individual large wildfire events. No studies have investigated wildfire activity, including . An on-line research project for middle school or advanced upper elementary students.

Categories include: Coniferous Forest, Deciduous Forest, Rainforest, Fresh Water, Tundra, Ocean, Savannah, and Desert. Biomes of the World from MBGnet.

Click on Rainforest, Tundra, Taiga, Desert, Temperate, or Grasslands to see details of each .

Tundra research paper

Tundra Biome The arctic tundra is the worlds youngest biome. it contains the last set of continental glaciers from about 10, years ago.

As the glacier went away it scraped away the soil from underneath, leaving bare rock.

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