Types of literature reviews research

Writing the conclusion What is a review of literature? The format of a review of literature may vary from discipline to discipline and from assignment to assignment. A review may be a self-contained unit -- an end in itself -- or a preface to and rationale for engaging in primary research. A review is a required part of grant and research proposals and often a chapter in theses and dissertations.

Types of literature reviews research

Frequently Asked Questions What kind of literature review is appropriate for my research question? How much literature should I use? There is no standard answer to this question, but make sure that you have enough literature to tell your story. How will I find all appropriate information to inform my research?

Also consult with your informationist at the Taubman Health Sciences Library to determine the resources you should investigate. How will I evaluate the literature to include trustworthy information and eliminate unnecessary or untrustworthy information?

How should I organize my literature? What citation management program is best for me? You may also ask your liaison librarian for advice.

How do I ensure academic integrity i. Start with this guide. Different types of information sources may be critical for particular disciplines.

Please contact your liaison librarian for additional guidance on information sources appropriate to your research. Government documents The U. Government Printing Office produces a great deal of information that is useful to researchers.

Also check the Grey Literature guide for more resources. Statistics Statistics reported by government or private sources can be useful, but can also be difficult to find. You may also be inspired by how others approach similar topics.

For many fields, researchers present their most up-to-date research results at professional conferences. These results will later be published in conference proceedings, abstracts, or preprints. What is a Literature Review?

It is up to those writing a thesis or dissertation to continue that story with new research and new perspectives, but they must first be familiar with the story before they can move forward. Purpose of a Literature Review A literature review: Research methods for postgraduates.

Types of literature reviews research

There are many specific types of literature reviews. Health Information and Libraries Journal No one database can search all the medical literature. Searching is an iterative process, and you will need to search several different databases.

"Scoping reviews have great utility for synthesizing research evidence and are often used to [categorize or group] existing literature in a given field in terms of its nature, features, and volume.".

Examples include review articles (such as meta-analysis and systematic reviews) and reference works. Professionals within each discipline take the primary literature and . Educational Research Review is a international journal aimed at researchers and various agencies interested to review studies in education and instruction at any level.

The journal will accept meta-analytic reviews, narrative reviews and best-evidence syntheses. Diverse types of reviews can be accepted. A peer-reviewed online monograph series of systematic reviews with a focus on international research evidence on the effects of interventions in crime and justice, education, international development, disability and social welfare.

Types of Literature Reviews Search this Guide. Preliminary assessment of potential size and scope of available research literature. Aims to identify nature and extent of research evidence (usually including ongoing research) Completeness of searching determined by time/scope constraints.

May include research in progress.

Guidelines for writing a literature review