University education is necessary

Some suggest that it is unsustainable. Such people insist that fee payments are unavoidable. Making free, quality university education available to all would impose a greater burden on the economy, and will only benefit students who can already afford to pay, we are told. As academics working at South African universities and a student involved with the FeesMustFall movement, we wish to take issue with such perspectives by locating the discussion in its proper context.

University education is necessary

It is a reliable way leading them to success. But is it the only way? Is university education essential for success? If we cannot enter university, can we succeed in our career? In this essay, I am going to argue that a university education is not essential for success.

University education indicates our ability in acquiring academic knowledge.

The alternatives

It is not easy to enter a university. When we enter a university, we can learn subjects professionally.

University education is necessary

We can develop an intellectual mind. Surely this mind can help us in the further individual development. Companies tend to employ those who are proved to be intellectual with the passing of a certificate of a degree.

It will be easier to get into the important posts of a company or even the country. But is it essential? Many poor people succeed because they are hard working.

University education is necessary

In the past, the poor had no money for university education. But some of them became rich or even tycoons.

“Limited resources” are no excuse

Li Ka Shing wakes up at six, and works till nine. He got rich because he was hard working. He is even one of the top ten in Asia, according to his wealth. He has been gradually promoted to senior posts and finally, the director.

He works and learns in a tough environment and he never gives up.

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No matter how tough his situation was, he tried his best to finish his tasks. He struggled for better living conditions with his own hands. At last, he succeeded. They put heart into their career and study and finally they come to success.

When we have started our career, our academic education becomes less important. Companies will rather employ a person who can handle the given task than a university graduate who can do nothing but only possesses a degree. We may not handle our work effectively. Besides working ability, social skills are also important, especially in the business sector.

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