Why obama won the 2012 election

InPresident Obama was overheard over a hot microphone telling President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia he would have "more flexibility" to negotiate with Putin after the election. Published 13 December Claim A hot microphone picked up President Obama telling Russian President Dmitri Medvedev he would have more flexibility to negotiate on issues like missile defense after the election.

Why obama won the 2012 election

Originally awarded 99 delegates, [11] the Republican National Committee removed half of Florida's delegates because the state committee moved its Republican primary before March 6; [12] the Republican National Committee rules also set the delegate allocation to be proportional because the contest was held before April 1.

Florida made this move in As a result of this calendar violation, Florida was stripped of half of its delegates, awarding only 50 delegates instead of the original delegates.

Analysis[ edit ] Obama won the state and its 29 electoral votes on Election Day by a margin of 0. Florida was the closest race in the country at the presidential level.

Throughout the night, Obama and Romney exchanged the lead, but the networks avoided calling the state for Obama until November 10 because long lines in the larger urban areas of the state meant that the vote count was delayed.

Why obama won the 2012 election

Mitt Romney won white voters by 24 percent. In addition, both Democratic and Republican strategists agreed that the President's ground game and early voting leads played a huge role in such a tight race. The political geography of Florida is largely divided in thirds: South Florida around the Miami metropolitan area is heavily Democratic, North Florida the Florida Panhandleand the Jacksonville metropolitan area is heavily Republican outside of Tallahassee and Gainesvillewhile Central Florida is a "swing" area of the state, where Democrats have made inroads in recent years.

Mirroring the results of the presidential election in Florida, Obama dominated South Floridawinning Miami-DadeBrowardand Palm Beach counties by comfortable margins, and actually increased his vote share in Miami-Dade and Broward counties from Combined with his large margins of victory among non-Cuban Hispanics in the state, Arian Campo-Flores at The Wall Street Journal noted that, "Together, both trends are accelerating a realignment of the state's Latino vote, from once solidly Republican to now reliably Democratic.

Where the state tipped into the Obama column was in Central Floridathe site of enormous growth in the last two decades. Bush won in In both counties, he was able to tap into a growing Puerto Rican community, which overwhelmingly broke his way. In the Tampa Bay region, Obama once again carried Hillsborough Countyhome to Tampaby a 6-point margin, receiving over 13, more votes than he won in Obama also won Pinellas Countyhome to St.

Bush had narrowly carried the county by about 0. In all, Obama won the three largest counties in Central Florida — Hillsborough, Orange, and Pinellas — while keeping his losing margins low in other populous counties — PolkSeminoleand Manatee County.

Contrary to the elections where Democrats lost four seats from Florida in the U. House of RepresentativesDemocrats picked up four seats from Florida this time around, as the state's congressional delegation increased by 2 members. Democrat Alan Grayson won a new seat in Florida's 9th congressional district while former West Palm Beach mayor, Lois Frankelwon the newly created seat in Florida's 22nd congressional district for the Democrats.

At the state level, Democrats picked up two seats in the Florida State Senate and five seats in the Florida House of Representatives as well. General election results[ edit ] The final vote count was unknown at noon Friday, November 9, There wereabsentee ballots in Miami-Dade County alone, with 54, of these cast on election day.

Four urban counties, Dade, BrowardPalm Beach and Duvalall experienced problems with counting their large number of absentee ballots.

Each ballot had to be hand certified page by page, and then the pages had to be hand fed into the counting machine one by one. United States presidential election in Florida, [28] Party.President Obama won reelection in despite weak economic conditions.

The economic collapse of resulted in soaring unemployment rates that have been as high as 10%, and remained at more than 8% through most of ; this is the highest unemployment rate since the recession. Nov 25,  · Despite a still recovering economy, and deep skepticism about his policies, President Obama ran a successful reelection campaign against Mitt Romney, and took a .

Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault The White House debated various options to punish Russia, but facing obstacles and potential risks, it ultimately failed. Nov 17,  · An astonishing spectacle of the election aftermath is the false account of why Trump won.

The accepted wisdom is that Trump succeeded in awakening a popular movement of anger and frustration among. Learn more about President Barack Obama's family background, education and career, including his election win.

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Find out how he became the first African-American U.S. president, view video.

Why obama won the 2012 election

october 22, debate transcript. president barack obama and former gov. mitt romney, r-mass., participate in a candidates debate, lynn university, boca raton, florida.

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